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How to Survive Your Child’s Changing Sleeping Pattern

with a new child in your life,you are most likely going to be introduced to a new world where there is a lot of worry. There are various changes to adapt to key of them being sleeping patterns. During the infancy stage of a child, you will be lucky if you get three hours of solid sleep. When they are toddlers, you are bound to get a little more than three hours unless they come to wake you up. Sleeping patterns become regular when you child is independent and more or less going to kindergarten.

When they are infants, how you feed them will determine their sleeping patterns. There are a few benefits associated with breastfeeding though it may be a personal decision. For instance, breastfeeding makes a mother loose her baby fat rapidly and burn a lot more calories. Mothers who breastfeed also pass on important nutrient content to the infants. These nutrients have antibodies that helps to build the immunity of the child keeping diseases at bay. A child and the mother bond strongly during their breast feeding time.
Breastfeeding however, is not for everyone since some mothers do not produce or have sufficient milk to feed their baby with. Using formula is however an independent decision and even if you can breast feed you can still opt for it. Feeding time and sleep have a pattern and you will notice this regardless of your feeding choice.

It is highly unlikely that you will get three hours or more of solid sleep when you breast feed. You will get a solid sleep rhythm when you monitor your patterns.

Provided that the diaper is dry, you are likely to get a three hour grace period when your child sleeps. When your pattern is a bit regular, you can plan around such timings.

your child will be walking about when they are two. The toddler stage is also marked with the transition from the crib to the bed. This may be scary at first because for the first time they are all grown up and you may have a mixture of feelings you can not express. This stage is where most parents practice the famous tip toe back to their bedroom when their child falls asleep

Some kids may wake up at night to look for their parents and others may call out for their parents in the middle of the night but you will at least have more than three hours of sleep.

When they become independent and start going to kindergarten your sleep pattern will go back to normal. At this stage, kids are more familiar with their sleeping pattern, know when to sleep and are used to their bedrooms. Persevering through the sleepless nights is worth it now since you can reward yourself with a cup of coffee in the morning thanks to your normal sleep routine.